Yikes! What to do when your Power Animal gives you the creeps!

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It happens, there you are happy to be on this exciting shamanic journey, looking forward to meeting your next new ally, and best animal buddy and then IT shows up! Your worse nightmare, that icky, scary beast that you avoid at all costs. What gives? Is there some sort of mistake? Are you being “punished” for some long forgotten karma? Watch the video and find out!

Practical Shamanism 101: What’s My Power Animal?

In this video I address the most common question I am asked, how to find your power animal. But first, lets find out what a power animal really is.


What IS Your Power Animal?

Ponder this question, and if you find you are interested in exploring the different ways we can work together to help you establish a relationship with Animal Spirits and learn Practical Shamanism. Visit my Work with Me page above.

Coming Next:    Cockroaches, Rats, and Vultures Oh My!
Stay Tuned for my next Post where I will discuss what happens when the Animal Spirit you “get” is one you really don’t want – in Practical Shamanism 101: Yikes, my Animal Spirit Guide gives me the Creeps!

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Birth of the Green Dragon


I beheld the birthing of a dragon this morning.
I found a green glowing orb beneath a table in Robert Master’s office.

I held it in my hands
an electric sphere
of yellow and green
lightning and smoke
that pulsed and swirled
until it took the form of a small green dragon.

(and I thought they came from eggs!)

The tiny creature opened its eyes and stared at me
serpent eyes – slitted eyes
this one is going to bring trouble.

Then it began to grow
until it was about the size of a 10 year old child
it looked me in the eye
we sat facing each other nose to nose
I shapeshifted into a red dragon
and we regarded one another for a while.

Then he climbed off my lap
and began exploring the room
his consciousness forming with each step.

He is the Green Dragon
Guardian of the Earth’s Natural Resources
filled with the mischief of a stubborn 10 year old boy
this one has trouble written all over his scales.

Humans take heed.