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Sometimes it’s just not enough to experience moments of Nature’s Magic…

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Sometimes you want to keep that enchantment with you…
so that you never forget…
so that it transforms from a memory…
to an everyday existence…
so that you BECOME the experience!

Welcome to my world where Art joins Nature in a dance of enchantment.

  “The creatures that share our planet are not separate and distinct from us.  They are us.  Our treatment of them and the environment reflects our attitudes about ourselves.  There is no us and them.  There is only One.  Dualities are an illusion, definitions of something that is intrinsically undefinable.   In viewing my art and reading my stories, I hope to inspire a connection and an awakening that fosters the awareness that we are all responsible for and deeply connected to and an inseparable part of the natural world around us.”

Pyrography is a metaphor for life, the creation of art using a natural process and surface is a reflection of the cycle of life itself.  The burning of the wood-  destruction or death – gives birth to new life – in an image.   It is only in working with the natural surface of the wood that true harmony is revealed.

Unlike most pyrographers I work with the grain patterns of the wood using not only the movement of the grain but also wormholes, knots, and missing bark to enhance the image  It is my goal to capture the essence of the Animal Spirit.  I listen to the stories each subject tells and write them down into poetic prose. Some are humorous, others serious, they all carry a deep wisdom that is reflected in the eyes of my subjects.

Each burning is an intimate portrait revealing personality, emotion, and timelessness.  It is my goal that the viewer connect at a deep level with not only the subject and their message but the wood and so realize the interconnectedness of us all in the never-ending circle of life.

The weaving of seen and unseen is manifested through the ancient wisdom of the trees. The wood itself gives birth to this, for those who are willing to listen.

“Every slice of wood hides an image within its grain waiting to be revealed.”

Sharon C. Bechtold

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As an artist and teacher since 1984 and a shamanic practitioner since 2009, I see the world through a creative lens that is inspired and intimately connected with Spirit. I employ my intuitive vision and artistic gifts to enrich the lives of others. Over the years I  have developed an extensive national and international clientele.

I have been a feature writer and columnist for print magazines and written numerous books on the subject of Pyrography. My original burnings and prints are in private collections worldwide. I am an Artist in Residence with Life Force Arts Foundation, a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners, and as an Illinois State Artisan I am represented by State of Illinois Museums.

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