Join me as we travel from Dreamtime to Realtime

Hi I’m Sharon Bechtold, a Shamanic Practitioner, Artist and Writer.

I help Spiritually conscious individuals connect with their Intuition, and Creativity so they can ignite their Passion and achieve their Desires.

In the Dreamtime…

I work energetically (using Creative Imagination, Power Animals and shamanic journeywork) to help YOU tap into YOUR Divine source and wisdom. Then we interpret this information so you can take practical steps in your life.

In Realtime…
On the physical level I work with business as art, writing, creative expression, fine arts and crafts, and mindset to create a framework that supports YOUR Divine mission in this life. Through my artwork, blog, books, workshops, virtual challenges, masterminds, and private shamanic coaching I support clients on their journey.

Feel free to peruse this site and get a feel for how I work.

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